Behind the Scenes: Dr. Segarra's

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Behind the Scenes: Dr. Segarra's

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"Breakthrough To Healing"

Connecting Root Causes of Chronic Conditions with Alternative Solutions

Exclusive Video Commentary

Awaits You

Exclusive Video Commentary

Awaits You

Exclusive Video Commentary

Awaits You

Dive into "Breakthrough To Healing" by Dr. Segarra for a deep understanding of body health signals. Sign up for unique video insights where Dr. Segarra breaks down "The Web Of Dysfunction," focusing on crucial aspects like Neuro Toxins, Autoimmune disorders, and Brain-Gut connections.

Through these quick videos, enhance your knowledge of each segment, applying current research for comprehensive clarity. This journey not only broadens your comprehension of pivotal health concepts but also aligns you with advanced scientific insights. Grab this rare opportunity to elevate your health perspective and interact with "Breakthrough To Healing" in an unprecedented way.


PART ONE: Leaky gut explained




Part Two: Neuro-Toxins Explained

Part Three: Inflammation Nation

Part Four: Seven Minute workout

Part Five: Gluten our Mortal Enemy

Part Six: Autoimmune Explained

Part Seven: Nine Nerve Fibers Explained


Breakthrough To Healing" by Dr. Andrew Segarra, DC, is a revolutionary book that delves into the art and science of understanding the body's signals. This insightful guide proposes that our bodies constantly communicate about their state of health, and it is the doctor's role to decode these messages. Dr. Segarra introduces the concept of "The Web Of Dysfunction," a comprehensive framework comprising seven critical areas that, when examined, provide essential information for determining the best course of action for health and healing.

The book breaks down these seven areas - Oxygen, Glucose, Stimulation, Autoimmune Disorders, Neuro Toxins, Inflammation, and the Brain & Gut Connection - in an easily understandable manner. Each element is explored in depth, revealing how they interconnect and impact our overall health. Dr. Segarra's approach is both holistic and insightful, offering readers a new lens through which to view their health issues and wellness.

"Breakthrough To Healing" is more than just a medical book; it's a guide to understanding the intricate language of our bodies. It empowers readers to take an active role in their health journey, armed with knowledge and insights from a seasoned practitioner. Whether you're a healthcare professional, a patient seeking answers, or simply interested in a deeper understanding of how to achieve optimal health, this book is an essential read. It promises to change the way you think about your body and health, guiding you towards a path of healing and well-being.


Dr. Andrew Segarra, DC, is a celebrated expert in health and wellness, known for his groundbreaking methods and unique approach. As a distinguished alumnus of the Barlow Brain and Body Institute specializing in Functional Neurology, Dr. Segarra has devoted his career to deepening our understanding of functional neurology and its applications.

Beyond his direct patient care, Dr. Segarra significantly contributes to the advancement of his field, serving on advisory boards at the Barlow Brain and Body Institute. His contributions reflect his profound expertise and dedication to empowering people to achieve their best health and well-being. Dr. Segarra's impact reaches far beyond the clinical setting, as he inspires a broader audience to adopt a holistic view of health and wellness.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this presentation constitutes medical advice. The individuals examples in this presentation, if any, are depicted for Illustrative Purposes ONLY. This is for educational purposes only.

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